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Understanding Wealth Acceleration

The key to financial security is understanding wealth acceleration. Financial literacy begins when you recognize that you cannot become financially free if you are in long term perpetual debt. A classic example to illustrate this is a mortgage. On average, a person stays in their home for five to seven years. The banks know this. In those five to seven years, over 80% of the mortgage payment goes straight to interest, not to principle. Because the banks “front-end load” a mortgage with interest, no one ever comes close to paying their home off. Instead, homeowners are enslaved by the banks without recourse in what is known as perpetual debt.

Perpetual debt is long term debt and is the worst form of debt. In most cases, banks expect the homeowners to pay as much as 2½ times the amount of the original mortgage. While most homeowners cannot pay cash to purchase a home, that doesn’t mean they should remain in long term perpetual debt. Long term perpetual debt is the greatest stumbling block for the average consumer in their quest to achieve financial security. Did you know that in some cases homeowners will pay 30-50 years of mortgage payments throughout their lifetime? This is because on average a homeowner will either purchase or refinance a new home at least 2 to 3 times during their lifetimes.

In most cases, a consumer will likely own more than one home in their lifetime. The result? Long term perpetual debt. Rather than being enslaved by perpetual debt, isn’t it time to stop the insanity? Here is a comparison of a traditional mortgage plan and our exclusive repayment plan. It illustrates how much quicker you can accelerate the payoff of your mortgage loan by using our revolutionary software platform. Recognizing the difference between paying interest to yourself as opposed to paying interest to the bank is one of the keys to understanding wealth acceleration. The numbers tell the story!